Young Living’s Progessence Plus - For Women Only

Young Living’s Progessence Plus - For Women Only

Hormone Alert!

I hear gals talking regularly about issues related to hormones.  At my age it is often women going through “the change,” but not exclusively.

When I hear these conversations I often follow up with info on the Young Living product designed specifically for women – Progessence Plus.  It is made with natural, bioidentical progesterone from wild yam to promote well-being and feelings of relaxation, harmony, and balance.
And it’s not just for those of us who are older.  It’s used by gals of almost any age from starting their menstrual cycle to the point where they end.
Get Professional Guidance

One of the best educators on the product is Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton.  Jim Bob is a chiropractor from Texas who does health and wellness coaching and has extensive expertise with the Young Living products.
Whether you are approaching or going through “the change” or have a young lady in your family that struggles with female issues, I recommend watching this video.  You will learn about the product and about next steps to get the help needed.

If you’ve used Progessence Plus, how has it helped you?

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