The Solar Eclipse Shouts, "There is a God!"

The Solar Eclipse Shouts, "There is a God!"
In this day of so much disunity in our country, isn’t it amazing to anticipate an event that everyone—no matter their background—can get excited about? The April total solar eclipse garners enthusiasm from mainstream media, the education and scientific communities, and hopefully, Christ followers everywhere.

Where will you be when the sun is totally eclipsed by the moon on April 8, 2024? Some of my readers will be in the “path of totality,” although the cloud-cover could make viewing more difficult.  Click the button for an interactive map to find out what to expect in your area.

Some years ago, as an eclipse was being announced and promoted, I realized what a miracle it is that scientists can tell us when to expect such an incredible event.  I thought it was awe-inspiring that not only could they tell us when the next one was coming, but they could predict with great accuracy the eclipses that will occur far into the future.  Click the button to see the path of future solar eclipses.

As it turns out, I really had no idea the magnitude of the miracle.

Perhaps you’re like me and thought eclipses were rare. According to, there is a partial solar eclipse about every five months and a total eclipse about every sixteen months.  

We may not think eclipses are as common because, for instance, a total solar eclipse only happens at a given region on Earth about once every 375 years. [i]  

Amazingly, astronomers can study thousands of years of data! Eclipses have been mentioned in written records by Babylonians and Assyrians (from ancient Mesopotamia). In a 10th-century encyclopedia, the Saros cycle was mentioned and referred to as an 18-year cycle that can persist for over a thousand years and specifically refers to a lunar eclipse.

Even as early as 2000 years ago, a mechanical device predicted the night sky. It could calculate the Saros cycle accurately. While it couldn’t predict the precise place where the total solar eclipse would occur, it could predict the timing. laments, “Trying to predict and explain this phenomenon has directly driven advancements in mathematics and orbital mechanics, and with its beauty, we have been forced to embrace the limits of our scientific knowledge.” [ii]
But friends, what a powerful example and testament to the sovereignty and power of an amazing Creator!

Let us not be like those described In Romans 1:21 who knew God because of His amazing work of creation but would not give Him the glory He deserves.   Worship His Majesty!
And let us take comfort In the power and order He shows In creation.   These patterns of solar and lunar eclipses over thousands of years are an undisputable display of God's control and order.  
He is worthy of worship!
PRAYER:   Our Father, who Is In heaven, how great you are!  You are the creator - the original life-giver and artist-in-residence; the natural order you have created is beyond our understanding; scientists can peg the exact time of a total solar eclipse and tell us where it will be seen - because you are the creator AND sustainer of all things.   Help us to use this amazing event to point to your glory!
PERSONAL REFLECTION:  Who can you engage In conversation about the eclipse and direct them to God's greatness?