The Fire Doesn't Get The Roots

The Fire Doesn't Get The Roots
Have you been devastated by loss, rejection, recognition of your own sin, a physical ailment, or diagnosis? There are so many ways we can get burned in this life.  Yet, if you are in Christ, you have your roots in Him.


What’s Your Connection Speed?

What’s Your Connection Speed?
Do  you feel like your connection to God through prayer is less than you’d like?  Here are some biblical tips for maximizing the connection.

7 Reasons Why I Celebrate Easter: #2 - We're Not Enough

7 Reasons Why I Celebrate Easter:  #2 - We're Not Enough
Here’s the thing; we’re all sinners and we cannot do enough good to overcome that.  But the good news is...

7 Reasons I Celebrate Easter: #1 - For All Have Sinned

7 Reasons I Celebrate Easter:  #1 - For All Have Sinned
And so, as I have dug deeper into the gospel (good news) over the years, I have been impressed over and over and more deeply with the bad news.  And understanding the gravity of the bad news, makes the good news even better.

Study Today’s Bible Verse of the Day with Me

Study Today’s Bible Verse of the Day with Me

A Great Wellness Activity

Bible Study is a great wellness activity.  There is nothing better than being in God’s word to know Him better and to understand His view of you and His plan for you.

Do You Need a Place to Start?

I love the YouVersion verse of the day to get my day started.  Many devotions that start with a scripture or two are a great place to start a more in-depth study.  I encourage you NOT to use a devotion as your only Bible reading in a day.  Spend some time actually studying or meditating on it to really take in the word over the thoughts of a writer.

Today I was prompted by the verse of the day to dig into the whole passage from which John 15:5 comes.  It is RICH.

Pray First

Don’t skip that important step of asking God to guide you through the Holy Spirit to what He has for you in the passage - no matter what you’re studying.

Dig In

Can I challenge you today to find the following things?
  • References to Jesus and His role
  • References to God and His role
  • Imperatives (commands; “do this”) for those in Christ
  • Repeated words/phrases
    • Specifically how many times is the word “abide” used?
    • How many references to bearing fruit?
  • What are the benefits listed of abiding in Christ?
I’m a highlighter/underliner/circler so I would save this photo, open my photo editor and use the pen to mark my thoughts.  But do whatever works for you.

Review the Treasures

Look back over your notes.  What stood out to you today?  Is there anything you hadn’t picked up on before?  Did you get a clearer picture of God and Christ?

Now What?

What would the Lord have you do with what you’ve learned?  Is He challenging you to bear more fruit?  Abide more in Him?  Take more joy in abiding?  Praying expecting Him to answer?

We’d love you to share! Let us know how the Holy Spirit spoke to you through this study today!