Prayer for Ukraine
Lord, as I think of Ukraine and Russia’s barbaric actions I think of:
Darkness - things must seem so dark for everyone.
  • Those who have left their homes to go to an unknown land
  • Those who remain in their homes without power and other necessities
  • Those mothers in the rubble of a hospital that was bombed yesterday
  •  Those children who are even more confused and traumatized than parents
  • Those sheltering in subway stations
  •  Those in neighboring countries overwhelmed by trying to help those pouring into their country for safety
  •  Innocent Russian citizens who are appalled at their leader’s actions
  • President Zelensky as he leads
  •  Foreign aid workers
  •  Citizens of other countries unable to make contact with family or dear friends in the areas of attack
  • Allied leaders trying to navigate the decision-making process in unity to take swift but wise action
Yet you are the light.  You are the way.  You are the truth.  You are the life.  You are the great comforter and reliever of burdens.  You are sovereign and all-powerful to defeat the oppressor and bring life and light to a nation - and a world -  in turmoil.

We trust in you to bring about all that you have planned.  We pray that you would deal with those who have only evil in mind in a way that makes their actions seem like child’s play.

Would you raise up godly leaders in every nation that will advocate for your plan and bring relief to this greatly downtrodden people?

Praise you for your goodness and what you are doing that we cannot see.

In Christ’s name, amen.


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