A Lesson from the Christmas Story - Status Doesn’t Matter
If you’re a Bible scholar, you know you’ve seen this truth throughout scripture.  But we see it powerfully in the Christmas narrative in Matthew 1 and 2 and Luke 2.
It didn’t matter that Joseph was from the working class.  He was chosen and God sent an angel to instruct Him.
It didn’t matter that Mary was young.  She was called and willing.  The Lord not only sent an angel to her but overshadowed her with His own Spirit to conceive our Lord.
It didn’t matter that Elizabeth and John were old.  God provided a long-awaited child and called them to parent “the voice crying out in the wilderness” that He had promised hundreds of years before.
It didn’t matter your home town or which tribe you were from, you were going to your “tribe’s” town for the census.
It didn’t matter that the shepherds were local outcasts.  They were the first to be told of the Christ-child’s arrival.  
This grimy, uneducated lot experienced the magnificence of God’s glory as shown in the armies of heaven all proclaiming together, “Glory to God in the Highest!”  They were the first to receive the promise of peace on earth for those who God favors. 
They were the first humans other than Mary and Joseph to bow down and worship God in the flesh.  Thus they made the best first missionaries as they told everyone what they had been told and what they experienced.  Surely they were never the same!
It didn’t matter that Simeon and Anna were old.  God had revealed Himself and His plan to them.  And they were so in tune with Him and looking for His promise so intently that they recognized the Christ immediately.
It didn’t matter that the wise men or magi were foreign.  They recognized the star of “The King of the Jews.”  They knew the prophecy from Micah that many Jewish scholars had missed.  So they traveled a long distance, with gifts of great value, and were not deterred by Herod.
It didn’t matter that Herod was Jewish, he did not recognize the Messiah and was threatened by Him.  It didn’t matter that he was “the king”.  His plans to kill the new king were thwarted by God because His plan always succeeds.
What is the status that you identify yourself with?  Does it draw you closer to Christ or does it keep you away?
Do you find it difficult to believe that He could love and/or forgive someone with your “status”?
Throughout the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – we see that God planned for us to be in right relationship with Him.  No matter who we are.  He pursues us and calls us from all nations, socio-economic groups, and races. Whether we grew up in church or have never been in church.  Whether we know a lot about Him or nothing about Him.
Surrender your status to Him today!
If you’d like to talk through this, I would love to do that with you!
John 3:16, John 10:10, Matthew 11:28; 2 Corinthians 5:21


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