Above All

 Scripture teaches that God is above all.  Take a moment to think about what that means.

Above all the noise and negativity we are bombarded by today. 
Above all the glory we see and seek here on earth.  
Above all power fought over in our homes, community, church, world governments.  
Above all created things.  Above angels.  Above the universe - the immeasurable parts we can see and the even more immense part we can’t.  
Above all time, weather, and physical laws you put in place to keep the our solar system and earth in order.

Above the greatest human love we’ve ever known or even imagined.
Above everything and person of worth.  
Above our imagination and and ability to comprehend. 
Above all you are able to teach our human minds about your greatness.  
Above all the ways we diminish you in our minds.  Above our rejection and refusal to admit your greatness.
Above all and solely worthy of our worship.

Help us, O Lord, to set you above all in our hearts, minds and souls so that we give you the worship you alone deserve.  Help us as we grow in our love for you and our recognition of your greatness.  Help us to speak of you to others ABOVE ALL. 


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