I Worship Because I Am Overwhelmed
Lord, I am overwhelmed by you - the one true God.  No wonder the first commandment is to worship you alone!
You are not only the God of the unborn, but you are the God of the elderly
You are the God of the guppie and the great whale
You are the God of the amoeba and the elephant
You are the God of the desert and the rain forest; the mountains, the fruited plains and the shores; 
Whether or not you are recognized, you are the God of all nations who will one day bow before you - even if they have never worshiped you before.
You are rightly a jealous God.  We have no reason to worship anything or anyone else.  You are above all.
Praise you for your unrivaled unique character - your holiness.
I worship you because you are most powerful and sovereign.
I worship you because you compassionate, gracious, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness.
I worship you because your Word is true - the only truth
I praise you because despite your unrivaled majesty and glory, I have experienced your character in my life.  
From earliest days I learned about your love from a close family who prioritized worshipping and serving you.  I experienced your goodness.  I experienced your power in creation as my family took vacations around the US.  I experienced your Son, offered as the payment for my sin, when I decided to follow this one who loved me despite my rebellion against you.  
Today I experience your greatness in the quiet, gentle working of the Holy Spirit whom you most graciously sent to guide your children.
I worship you, Almighty God
There is NONE like you!


  1. I have always enjoyed and marveled at God's workmanship of the outdoors. Recently I have had the opportunity to marvel at His workmanship of the way the blood moves through the body. It amazes me the mechanics of our body's in how we breath and how the oxygen moves through us in the manner that only God could create. Praise God for His awesomeness! His all powerful, all knowing, never ending love!
    Beth Ipock AUTHOR  08/01/2023 09:34 PM Central
    Yes! Praise His name!
  2. You are the God of the desert and the rain forest; the mountains, the fruited plains and the shores! I love this! No matter where I am in time or space, I am eternally surrounded by God’s handiwork! This is the greatest comfort. He has created the perfect natural design to make the flowers bloom in the spring and the sun rises every morning. If he creates such perfection in our world, how much more careful is he when it comes to taking care of those he created in his image! He loves us the most, and will care for our every need. His creation is magnificent! Thank you for this picture this morning!
    Beth Ipock AUTHOR  07/29/2023 08:58 AM Central
    I am so thankful this was a blessing to you this morning. Amen to your thoughts!
  3. The American English-Collins Dictionary defines overwhelmed as, "it affects you very strongly, and you don't know how to deal with it." Your description drew me into worship of my great and mighty God even though, I can not begin to understand his sovereignty nor love but am thankful for it.
    Beth Ipock AUTHOR  07/29/2023 08:58 AM Central
    I am so thankful you were blessed by sharing these worship thoughts with me. I love that definition of overwhelmed. How appropriate!

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