Praise the Lord - No If’s, And’s or But’s
This morning as I read that a loved one got the results of a recent medical test, I wrote in my prayer journal, “Praise the Lord, but there is still xxxx that is unknown.”
As I tried to continued in my prayer time the Lord stopped me.
“Praise the Lord, but?!  What kind of praise is that?  Either I answered your prayer or I didn’t. The answer was actually really great news (as far as you look at it humanly).
“How do you feel when you give someone a gift and they say, ‘Thank you, but I already have that?’ Or, ‘Thank you, but I don’t like xyz?’”
I don’t like it.  My gift is greatly devalued and I’m either frustrated the person weren’t more thankful or I am embarrassed.

I thank the Lord that He is regularly teaching me about prayer. 
If we are going to add a “but” on the end of the “Praise the Lord,” then we are kidding ourselves if we think we are truly thankful for the answer.
A more appropriate praise would be,
“Praise you, Lord!  We praise you for continuing to work in this difficult situation.  May we bring glory to you in all of it!”
Then we update the prayer list to eliminate the prayer answered and include the additional needs.  That’s for us.  
He knows.  He sees.  He cares.  He is at work.
Praise the Lord! No if’s, and’s, or but’s.


  1. Melanie Stafford  03/02/2023 11:36 AM Central
    Please add Melanie to your list
  2. I appreciate all you send me to read. It's uplifting
    Gives a devotional teaching for the day. Thank you.
    Beth Ipock AUTHOR  03/02/2023 11:04 AM Central
    I am so glad these gifts are blessing you. I am praying for you today!

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