Worship God Because He Is - Creator
As my husband and I sat on the beach at Port Aransas, TX, on a Sunday morning in January, enjoying the majesty of the Gulf of Mexico and the power of the waves and sun, we talked about attributes of God.
The first one he mentioned was creator, inspired by not only the majesty but the beauty and variety in the surroundings. From the white and gray seagulls to the shiny black Great-tailed Grackles all begging for whatever tidbit you might drop to the glistening beached jellyfish to young families to the aging Winter Texans walking, playing, riding bikes or, walking their dogs, the diversity of God's creation was all around us.

In just that tiny part of the vast universe, much about the character of God is evident!  No wonder Paul tells us in Romans 1:20 that if we have experienced God's creation, we cannot claim we had no opportunity to know Him.
Creator is a descriptor of God that tells us a great deal if we sit with it for a while.
We love the beach, but our state, which does not have a coastline, still boasts immense grandeur and variety.  Missouri has fertile plains containing black dirt with nary a rock in the north and southeast parts of the state, along with rocky hills in the southwest.  
Think of the ecosystems, terrain, climates, the instinct in animals, the immense beauty and equally impressive ugliness of some animals that you have experienced.  Now consider how that is exponential over the entire world and even greater when you add the outer stretches of a vast universe.

Take time to ponder the amazing process that creates human life.  Two cells that in a very short time have developed into one little human with a brain and limbs beginning to form.
And He began with nothing!

What amazing grace is available to everyone, whether they know and love God or not.  The Mighty Artist-in-Residence still paints marvelous sunrises and sunsets and makes his diverse creation increasingly accessible with advancing technology.

There is no other conclusion than that this all points to a sovereign, powerful, visionary creator who pours His glory into everything to point us back to Him.  There is none like Him!

What amazing grace that this awesome architect would send His Son so that we could be in right relationship with Him!

What part of God’s creation do you enjoy the most?

Lord, we praise you because you are the creator and sustainer of all things.  Help us not to take the beauty and splendid nature of your creation for granted.  Help us always give glory to you when we are blown away by the multi-sensory experiences you bountifully supply.  Remind us to be encouraged in your sovereignty and power that is above all, as demonstrated in your creation.

If I can encourage you in your walk with the great Creator in any way, click here to contact me.  I would be blessed to be able to help!


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